>>>UPDATE:  We will NOT be accepting Outreach Applications at this time. Stay tuned to learn more about new Rural Studio programs.<<<

The Outreach Program was designed as a way to bring students and collaborators from outside Auburn University into the fold of the Studio. Since its establishment in 1999, the Outreach program has evolved from often individualized, community-driven projects to a single team project: the 20K House.

One of the most challenging of all Rural Studio projects, the 20K House seeks to provide a well-built, affordable housing alternative to the ubiquitous mobile home for local clients.  The homes are built for $20,000 where around $12,000 is allocated for materials and the remaining $8,000 would cover labor costs and contractor profit.  Unlike other Rural Studio projects, the aim of the $20K House is to create a line of homes which could be built by contractors and have a greater impact on local communities.

Approximately four Outreach positions are available each year. The Outreach students are imbedded in the 5th Year studio, where they participate in the Thesis Research class and a Dessein Elective drawing class.

For more information about the Outreach program, click here

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