D.K. Ruth

[July 13, 1944 - August 26, 2009]

Dennis "D.K." Ruth dedicated his life as an educator to promoting context-based, socially conscious design. As department head at Auburn's School of Architecture at the time of Rural Studio's inception, D.K. was instrumental in getting the fledging off-campus program up and running. After his friend and colleague Samuel Mockbee's death in 2001, D.K. helped guide Rural Studio through an emotional and uncertain time.

In Auburn, D.K. took his interest in collaboration and hands-on learning further by pioneering a Design-Build masters program (now known as a Masters in Integrated Design & Construction.) D.K. remained a devoted teacher up until his passing in 2009. For his academic work both with Rural Studio and Auburn's Integrated Design & Construction masters program, D.K. received numerous teaching awards. Amongst his honors, he was presented with the Algernon Sydney Sullivan award for service to humanity. D.K. is remembered fondly by his numerous students for his generous and genuine nature. He is survived by his wife Linda and four children: Alex, Philip, Shelley, Jeff.

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