Apply for Outreach

>>>UPDATE:  We will NOT be accepting Outreach Applications at this time. Stay tuned to learn more about new and improved Rural Studio programs.<<<

Auburn University Rural Studio’s Outreach Program was designed as a way to bring students and collaborators from outside Auburn University into the fold of the Studio. Since its establishment in 1999, the Outreach program has evolved from often individualized, community-driven projects to a single team project: the 20K Home.

One of the most challenging of all Rural Studio projects, the 20K Home seeks to provide a well-built, affordable housing alternative to the ubiquitous mobile home for local clients.  The homes are built for $20,000 where around $12,000 is allocated for materials and the remaining $8,000 would cover labor costs and contractor profit.  Unlike other Rural Studio projects, the aim of the 20K Home is to create a line of homes which could be built by contractors and have a greater impact on local communities.

The Outreach Program is a year-long course of study which begins in August. Approximately four Outreach positions are available each year. 

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