Apply to the Graduate Program

want to get a master's degree at rural studio?

Rural Studio is launching a new graduate program in the fall of 2019: Master of Science in Architecture / Option in Public Interest Design (MS Arch) degree. This one-year (three-semester) program is designed for holders of a professional degree in architecture (Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture) or its international equivalent. The program will address systemic issues underlying housing affordability in rural Alabama. Through design and innovation in the field of rural housing, this program will cultivate leadership in the realms of public interest, design tectonics, and architectural project documentation and dissemination. Rural Studio MS Arch students will participate fully in the Rural Studio design-build program and will work collaboratively in a small group of students to participate in a directed research project in rural housing with the goal of designing and building a home in Hale County.


Deadline for applications: January 31, 2019
Click here to learn more about the application requirements to get a MS Arch at Rural Studio!

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